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Risk Analysis

CMA offers risk advisory and consulting services. We help our clients to meet their audit, control, regulatory and legislative objectives by assisting in establishing methodologies, standards and regulatory requirements for all aspects of technology in order to increase effectiveness and reduce risk, especially at a time when financial institutions the world over are under great scrutiny. Our services include:


Compliance & Risk Management

  • Work in partnership with Management, Board members, internal auditors and outside counsel to assist organizations in complying with various regulatory requirements
  • Disciplined approach to management of credit, market, operational and IT risks through assessments, process improvements and validation.
  • Audit Committee participation in an advisory capacity
  • Align audit function with Business and IT strategies
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing
  • Internal Audit Quality Assurance Reviews


FDIC Bank Examination

  • Establishing the framework and guidelines to reach the goal of compliance with the FDIC guidelines within established timelines
  • Prepare the responses to questionnaires across in-scope applications
  • Perform the required tests to ensure compliance to questionnaire responses
  • Evaluate deficiencies and help in formulating remediation plans.
  • Implementation of remediation plans/procedures


Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

  • SOX compliance project planning and management
  • Documentation, evaluation, testing and remediation of risks and controls
  • Compliance cost reduction by rationalizing risks and controls and implementing risk-based testing
  • Improvement of internal controls which impact financial reporting


IT Risk Management

  • Aligning the business requirements with IT services in order to bridge any risk gaps
  • Assisting in establishing frameworks for projects and resource management
  • Assessing any gaps that exist between internal controls, guidelines, policies and methodologies being implemented by IT
  • Implementation of related organizational processes like SDLC
  • Evaluating appropriate solutions to close major gaps in organizational procedures



Credit Risk Management

Credit Operations Assessment, Design and Implementation

  • Loan Review Services
  • Credit Process Internal Audit Reviews
  • Credit Risk Software selection and implementation
  • Capital Allocation Methodology Assessment and Design, including Basel II


Market Risk Management

  • Assessment of controls around market risk systems and policy development
  • Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange (FX) and Liquidity Risk Management Diagnostics and Implementation
  • Risk Quantification and Pricing
  • Market Risk system selection
  • Internal Audit Assistance
  • Implementation of market risk projects.
  • Assisting in the implementation of the Advanced Measurement techniques as per the Basel II guidelines


Operational Risk Management

  • Performing the RCSAs (Risk Control Assessments) in order to understand the operational risk exposure
  • Creating a weighting mechanism that allows clients to identify those areas that present the greatest risk.
  • Control identification and prioritization
  • Anti-money laundering best practices
  • Internal Audit assistance
  • BCP support


Project Management/PMO:

  • Feasibility study and project implementation from inception to final delivery
  • Creation/management of project plan
  • Project management activities – status reports, presentations, metrics and dashboards
  • Assistance to the PMO in facilitating the project across global boundaries
  • Project deliverables completed within established timelines
  • Resource and Budget management





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