Industries and sectors we service:


Not For Profit Sector


Public Sector and Government Agencies


Education and Skill Development




Economic and Data Analytics


Financial Services

- Risk Analysis


Hospitality and Travel

Services in Economic Research, Data Analytics and Outsourcing

Convergence in the domain of Economic Research , Analytics & Outsourcing  helps clients make informed strategic decisions on their investment strategy, growth, revenue policy and critical economic and financial issues. CMA strives to provide relevant and accurate economic data , to enable users to have a  better understanding of the economy. Reliable and consistent analysis of macro economic activity is essential for the informed decision making of both policymakers and business heads. We have access to industry specialists, who can provide customized solutions for your business process and knowledge process outsourcing requirements in the field of education, legal process outsourcing, financial advisory & research ,revenue management in hospitality, medical transcription etc. Our services include the following:


Market Research and Data Collection

  • Survey and Questionnaire Design
  • Research Design & Survey Administration
  • Interviews (structured and semi-structured) and Focus Groups
  • Demand and supply data and trend analysis

Data Validation and Warehousing

  • Validation of Algorithm Design
  • Workflow and Database Design
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Transformation Algorithm Design
  • Data Audit and Diagnostics


Analysis and Interpretation of Data

  • Benchmarking
  • Standard Reporting
  • Forecasting and Statistical Modeling
  • Data Mining


Advisory Services

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Presentation Design and Production
  • Documentation and Stakeholder Reports
  • Case Study Development
  • Policy Advisory and Review
  • Scenario Modeling


Developmental Economics

  • Regional economic development
  • Industrial Development
  • Institutional development
  • Reform strategies at industrial, regional and national levels
  • Macro-level studies that help fostering economic development
  • Establish industrialization potential of cities
  • Identifying industries as drivers of growth


Policy Development

  • Policy Evaluation and Advisory Services
  • Policy Implementation
  • Monitoring Policy


Research and Development

  • Establishment of R&D center
  • Research Management
  • Establishing Links with Reputed Academic Institutions
  • IPR Policy Development


Process and Knowledge Outsourcing

  • Industry specific process design
  • Tie ups with industry professionals & organizations
  • Facilitating vendor search and negotiations
  • Establishing captive India operations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions



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