Industries and sectors we service:


Not For Profit Sector


Public Sector and Government Agencies


Education and Skill Development




Economic and Data Analytics


Financial Services

- Risk Analysis


Hospitality and Travel

Services for Not For Profit Organizations

Convergence delivers measurable improve-ments to Not-For-Profit Organizations and helps them achieve greater social impact, by applying a strategic and result oriented approach to social engagements. We specialize in the areas of economic livelihood, health, education and social entrepreneurship. Our services include the following:


Evaluation and Definition of the Growth Strategy

  • Strategic Focus for Growth
  • Underpinning Economic Sustainability
  • Facilitating value based decisions
  • Organizational Development and Restructuring
  • Knowledge Generation and Innovation Management
  • Grant-writing and; bids management


Defining Risk Management Tools

  • Capital Management
  • Asset and Capital Allocation Evaluation
  • Credit Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management Functions
  • Financial audit and projections


Assistance in Regulatory Compliances
CMA helps you make a more informed and assured approach to decision-making

  • Identifying existing regulatory framework applicable to the project
  • Preparation of relevant documentation
  • Manage fundraising process
  • Procuring necessary approvals and certification


Assistance with Partnerships
CMA facilitates tie-ups with suitable partners, both individuals and organizations based on the best fit with your mission and objectives

  • Evaluation and Identification of potential partners
  • Development of partnership operating model
  • Development of financial model and information memorandum for clients to attract partners


Training and Skill Building Intiatives
In today’s dynamic environment organizations are driven by continuous learning and advancement. CMA ensures that your organization takes a lead and maintains its edge through continuous skill up-gradation

  • Establish your training needs collecting evidence based information
  • Specialized training for social workers and client service staff
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Organize in-house seminars training programs and interactive workshops
  • After implementation, prepare detailed evaluation of the completed training and skill development
  • Source key trainers domain experts for your company
  • Project based training


Evaluation Services and Capacity Enhancement

  • Agency and program evaluation
  • Improving channel effectiveness
  • Need assessment and Outcome measurement
  • Measuring social impact
  • Garnering effective volunteer support



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