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In 2009-10 the hospitality industry contributed only 4% of the GDP. However, it is projected to grow 8.8% between 2010-16, which positions India, as the second-fastest growing tourism market in the world. This year the number of tourists visiting India is estimated to have touched 4.7 million. The arrival of foreign tourists has shown a compounded annual growth of 6% over the past 10 years.

Tourism in expected to grow further over the next few years due to the changes taking place on the demand and supply sides. The factors that account for the further growth of tourism include changes in standard of living of the Indian population, more disposable income, better education, medical tourism facilities and aspirations for leisure lifestyles. With growth in the tourism sector, infrastructure will improve, competition will increase, new products will come to market and better services provided. With the Government's complete support in developing infrastructure, increase in demand, open sky policies and increased competition; the hospitality industry is getting consolidated and will witness many more opportunities to grow further.

In this contextual business environment - How can you ensure that your hotel development will be a financial success? What is the feasibility of the integrated hospitality complex you’re planning? Who can you turn to for hands-on operational expertise in virtually every aspect of the hospitality and travel market in the world? The Convergence hospitality and travel experts provide advisory services in the following categories:

Business Strategy

  • Mapping Corporate Strategy
  • India Entry Strategy
  • Organic Growth Strategy, through geographies, formats etc.
  • Growth through partnerships, management contracts and JVs


Market Assessment Analysis

  • Assessing market size and Growth Rate
  • Demand Supply Gap analysis
  • Consumer Behavior Trends


Developing the Business Model

  • Business Positioning and SWOT Analysis
  • Outlining the Operating Model
  • Evaluation of New Product Offering
  • Identifying Partnership Possibilities


Developing the Financial Plan

  • Investments and Returns Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Validation of Revenues and Expenses
  • Modeling P/L Cash Flows and Balance Sheet projections


Hotel and Restaurant Layout

  • Location Selection
  • Architect Design and Specification
  • Project Management
  • Tenancy Planning
  • ERP solutions for Restaurant / Hotel


Franchise Management for F&B Outlets

  • Franchise Model Definition
  • Franchise Profiling & Proposal
  • Franchise  Acquisition
  • Facilitating the Legal Agreements


Human Resource Planning

  • Designing HR systems – Performance management systems
  • Compensation management Systems
  • Employee Stock Option Scheme
  • Staffing with Job Description
  • Assistance in Training and Development


Restaurant and Hotel Services

  • Feasibility Report
  • Planning of the Cuisine
  • Budget Report
  • Designing and Planning Kitchen
  • Procuring Kitchen Equipment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Developing SOPs and manuals


Operational Excellence
Solutions in layouts and service requirements for operating areas such as :

  • Laundry
  • Front Office
  • House Keeping
  • Food service facilities
  • Supply Chain Management,


Format Renewal
CMA helps retailers define, design, and deliver innovative hospitality formats and take them through a continuous cycle of  renewal –

  • shaping / re-shaping formats based  on  customer  insights
  • Rolling out new formats quickly across large diverse networks
  • Sustain lifecycle of formats through continuous renewal



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