Industries and sectors we service:


Not For Profit Sector


Public Sector and Government Agencies


Education and Skill Development




Economic and Data Analytics


Financial Services

- Risk Analysis


Hospitality and Travel

Industry Segments

At Convergence, we provide an integrated and sustained approach to assist our clients improve their bottom and top lines, and explore possibilities to optimize and expand their service portfolios. Our services are tailored, to meet specific requirements of each client, from concept creation to operations including the following:


  •   Project Feasibility and Concept Definition
  •   Start Up Assistance
  •   Financial Planning and Performance Enhancement
  •   India Entry Strategy
  •   Partnerships and Tie-Ups
  •   Mergers and Acquisitions
  •   Due Diligence
  •   Project Implementation and Sourcing
  •   Project Management
  • Human Resource Recruitment and Training

The above processes reflect a holistic review of all aspects of a project in an interactive manner that balances quality considerations against cost implications. We outline project goals, and thoroughly investigate project cost against the desired investment returns. At CMA we collaborate with our clients by drawing on the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team, to create value through

financial, strategic and operational management. We strive to generate ideas that sustain and grow shareholders value, from increased profits, optimized systems and streamlined business processes. With these insights, we undertake business consulting in various industry sectors. Our industry and service sectors include the following stakeholders:


  •   Education and Skill Development
  •   Manufacturing Sector
  •   Not For Profit Sector
  •   Public Sector and Government Agencies
  •   Financial Services Sector
  •   Risk Advisory Services
  •   Hospitality Sector
  •   Economic and Data Analytics



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