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Services for Public Sector and Government Agencies

Public Sector has emerged as the driver of economic growth consequent to industrial revolution in Europe. In developing economies like India they played a pivotal role in the post independence period from 1947, to the start of economic liberalization in 1991. No longer did the public sector have the privilege of operating in a sellers market; it had to face competition from both domestic and international competitors. They are now operating in a territory full of uncertainties owing to economic liberalization, privatization, changing fiscal policies, international competition and pressure from the public to become more competitive and profitable.


In the past two decades PSEs have redefined and reoriented themselves and are seen as significant in the Indian Economy. The capital employed in PSEs has increased from Rs. 2499 billion in 1997-98 to Rs 9145 billion in 2009-10, recording a growth of 266%. The number of loss incurring PSEs has come down from 100 in 1997-98 to 51 in 2009-10. The turnover is equal to Rs 9644 billion in 2006-07, which is an increase of 349% in comparison to Rs.2760 billion in 1997-98. As regards net worth, it has increased by 337% in 2006-07 in comparison to Rs 1344 billion in 1997-98, and presently stands at Rs 4530 billion. Net profit has increased by 599% in 2006-2007 in comparison to 1997-98, and currently stands at Rs. 905 billion.


The integration of the Indian Economy with the global economy has thrown up new opportunities and challenges. Some public sector enterprises with strategic vision are actively exploring new avenues and have increased their activities with mergers, acquisition, amalgamation, takeovers and the creation of joint ventures. One of the key components to increasing bottom line is to leverage capability at a global level for procurement, sourcing and delivering all its products and services across markets. CMA with its in-depth knowledge and expertise in these areas, advises on how PSEs can achieve greater efficiency in their business operation and leverage greater profitability.


Services we offer to Public sector undertaking and Government Agencies:


Policy Development

  • Policy Evaluation
  • Policy Implementation and Monitoring
  • Policy Advisory Services



CMA dwells upon the insight developed from experience of private and public sector and provides customized solutions in:
  • Performance Improvement
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Validation studies
  • Managing the cost of operating complex processes
  • Optimizing the use of infrastructure and rehabilitation of sick units
  • Lean production and asset management


Economic Development
CMA delivers economic growth through economic, social and public sector channels:

  • Regional economic development
  • Reform strategies at the industrial, regional and national levels
  • Macro-level studies that help foster economic development
  • Establish industrialization potential of cities
  • Identifying industry clusters as drivers of growth



Organization Development

  • Shaping Major Reform Programs
  • Redesigning Organizations
  • Improve Interaction with Stakeholders
  • Human Resource Development
  •  Leadership Development Programs


Public Private Partnerships
CMA facilitates public-private partnerships, based on the best fit. Our services include:

  • Environment scan
  • Technical evaluation and feasibility
  • Evaluation and Identification of potential partners
  • Assistance in signing of strategic MOU
  • Placement of investment strategy to Private Investors
  • Development of the Partnership operating model
  • Compliance with the existing regulatory framework


Project Implementation
Execution of project plan and study from inception to operational stage

  • Project Identification and Execution
  • Project Management
  • Recruitment of Key Staff
  • Marketing and promotional activity
  • Effective Cost Estimation
  • Pre-qualification and approval of contractors
  • Tollgate review to monitor the progress


Public Finance

  • Effective budgeting and planning of public revenue and expenditure
  • Expenditure analysis
  • Methods of revenue generation
  • Innovative project finance models
  • Design privatization strategies


Research and Development

  • Establishment of RandD center
  • Research Management
  • Research Contracts
  • Linking with Reputed Academic Institutions for RandD
  • IPR Policy Development


Training and Skill Building
In today’s cut-throat competition companies and institutions (public and private) are driven by continuous learning and advancement. CMA ensures that public sector enterprises and government agencies stay ahead through continuous skill up gradation.

  • Establish training needs collecting evidence based information
  • Customize appropriate training programs.
  • Organize in-house seminars, training programs and interactive workshops
  • After implementation, prepare detailed evaluation of the completed training and skill development
  • Source key trainers domain experts for your company
  • Project based training
  • Designing conferences


Human Resource Planning

  • Designing HR systems – performance management systems, compensation management systems
  • Career planning and development
  • Designing and implementing assessment framework
  • Baseline and climate survey
  • Man power supply
  • Continuous Improvement culture
  • Strategic HR services/HR audit




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