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At Convergence Management Advisors (CMA), we collaborate with our clients by drawing on the expertise of our multidisciplinary team, to create value through financial, strategic and operational innovations. We assist our clients improve their bottom and top lines and explore possibilities to optimize their balance sheet positions. This allows intelligent and informed decision-making centered on an optimal capital structure. The essence of our work lies in our ability to generate deep insight into what drives value creation for our client.


The businesses environment today has not only become more competitive, but is also ripe with opportunity. The trick lies in recognizing the when, where and how of these opportunities so as to enhance profitability by aligning business activities for future growth. One could look outward — from mergers and acquisitions, decide on whether to own, lease, sell or finance assets and structure deals critical to optimizing returns; or could look inwards – assess the company’s vision, its market potential, and its core competencies, for growth strategies.

Our risk measurement approach provides insight into the market and business risks, enables businesses to optimize the use of their capital, perform risk and return analysis, and meet the regulatory and statutory requirements. Our research based approach enables us to offer customized corporate consulting and business solutions. It also allows us to effectively meet the varied needs of client organizations.


CMA performs due diligence for organizations contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions or those wishing to enhance organizational effectiveness in an existing business unit. We offer a confidential, sound and unbiased perspective to your markets & products, administer business effectively, and help in dealing with rapidly evolving business scenarios.


Our team experts hold Management, Engineering and PhDs degrees from top universities in India and overseas, and their industry expertise enables them to add excellence to delivering client assignments. With constant monitoring of the processes, the team maintains exceptional quality standards and on-time delivery. Confidentiality of the client’s data is of prime importance to us. We firmly believe in the concept of value for money, which is manifested in our good relationship with apex organizations and industry experts, allowing us to access classified data and information.

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