Training & Skill Development Workshops

To transform the process of innovation and learning and expedite the process of educating your staff, the Convergence trainers provide customized training and skill building workshops. These programs are completely scalable and range across most of the industry sectors. Our professionals first identify the learning gaps in order to recognize the training needs of the organization, and then devise the training program to fill the skill gap. Our approach involves the following process:


  • Establish your training needs, collecting evidence based information.
  • Customize the appropriate   training program
  • Gather the team of trainers, experts and practitioners in respective fields
  • Arrange in- house seminars training programs and interactive workshops
  • Post implementation, prepare detailed evaluation of the completed education


The purpose of this dynamic customization process is to capture and integrate your business processes and tacit knowledge into a coherent education program. The objective of our training programs is to convert employees into business enablers and problem solvers by making them continuous learners.


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