Our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client, from concept creation to operations in eight industry sectors, including the following:


Not For Profit Sector


Public Sector and Government Agencies


Education and Skill Development




Economic and Data Analytics


Financial Services

- Risk Analysis



Envisioning growth, delivering excellence.

In the 21st century business world, knowledge has metamorphosed into wisdom and growth objectives into learning capa-bilities and mindsets. Business has undergone holistic development to become a vehicle of social and economic emancipation comple-menting sustainable long term growth of companies. At Convergence, we collaborate with our clients by drawing on the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team to create value through financial, strategic and operational innovations.


We strive to generate ideas that maintain and grow shareholder value from increased profits, optimized systems and streamlined business processes. In short, add more value, faster and in a sustained manner. With this perspective, we have developed advanced tools and methods to analyze risks, profi-tability and the value creation process in any organization.


This toolkit helps assess the impact of strategic decisions before they are put into practice. Professional integrity, service excellence, client focus and collaborative teamwork are our core values. Serving our

clients with dedication and creating an arena of intellect at theworkplace is the bedrock of our firm. In dealing with our clients, we adhere strictly to the professional standards and conduct expected from a trusted counselor.


Service Portfolio


At Convergence, we assist our clients improve their bottom and top lines, and explore possibilities to optimize and expand their service portfolios. Our services are tailored, to meet the specific requirements of each client, from concept creation to operations, including the following:


  • Project Feasibility and Concept Definition
  • Start Up Assistance
  • Financial Planning and Performance Enhancement
  • India Entry Strategy
  • Partnerships and Tie-Ups
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Project Implementation and Management
  • Human Resource Recruitment and Training
Client List
  • 3M China Ltd.
  • American Express Bank
  • Arthur Anderson & Co.
  • ASM Software
  • Asquare Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Asset Reconstruction Company of India Limited (ARCIL)
  • Clarks Group of Hotels
  • Dai-Chi Kangyo Bank
  • First National Bank
  • Great Value Hotels Ltd
  • Harmony Leadership Solutions
  • iGate Global
  • Leading Education Institutions
  • Max New York Life Insurance
  • Nangyang Business School
  • Orion Conmerx
  • Peerless General Finance Co Ltd.
  • Proctor and Gamble - India
  • QAI Global
  • Sandplast India Ltd.
  • Satyam Food Specialities (I) Ltd.
  • Singapore Airlines
  • SJM Group of Companies
  • Sunflag Industries
  • SwedFund
  • The Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi UFT
  • UK Eco Energy Earth Inc.
  • UAP Ltd
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